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The online tuition is a great success, and I'd like to thank all students for their support with this😁 We are working with Skype, Whats App, Zoom and Facebook Messenger and it's lovely to keep in contact with pupils. Check for e mails as I'm having lots of thoughts over the half term break !!


LCME Exam update 25/5/20

The summer session deadline is 15th June for recorded or live online exams. These are available for Acoustic and Ukulele currently. At the request of the Chief Examiner I have just completed the scales, chords and discussion questions for the Electric recorded syllabus and Rock and Bass are following soon !!


I have just passed my bi-annual University  Of West London Safeguarding certificate to 17/5/2022.


I was pleased to have a third article 'Reflections of a travelling examiner' published in the Spring issue of the Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Society magazine.

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