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News Flash !!

Lessons re-start Monday 17th April until Friday 26th May. My latest article on Ragtime guitar has just been published in the BMG Federation newsletter.

I have just examined live online in Dalian which is a major sub-provincial port city in Liaoning province, People's Republic of China, and is Liaoning's second largest city (after the provincial capital Shenyang) and the third-most populous city of Northeast China.


This Spring I examined in Greece again and did an exam tour of South Wales.


I am pleased to be involved with the Music Master Teacher Program is the first course in Italy to approach guitar/piano/bass/drums teaching from a wide array of practical and theoretical perspectives that will allow teachers to foster their profession by acquiring path-breaking knowledge on music education and cutting-edge teaching practices. The course leads to a specialised qualification mapped in the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and it is structured in different modules crafted around the teachers’ needs leading to Level 7 MA standard.  

The Grade 6-8 Ukulele Syllabus that I helped work on is nearly ready for release, and I have an arrangement of Canarios in the Grade 7 book. I have just proof read the examiner copy of the 2022 Classical Guitar syllabus, and hopefully will be helping with some demos up and down the Country for the Ukulele syllabus. 

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